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Jesus Villalba


Superland 3

Vital statistics
Title jesus
Gender male
Race Agost
Faction $%1000
Health Nitrome, Neutronized And Peta Studios
Level 75
Status Venezuela
Location anaco and in nitrome House, city foris and Alaska


On your TeamEdit

Sneasel icon
Weavile icon
EP600 Weavile de Jesús
It evolved before Paul / Polo fight with Cynthia / Cintia. They know they have since I was a Sneasel because Reggie says. He uses the EP533 with Electabuzz to catch a Gliscor.
Gligar icon
Gliscor icon
EP550 Gliscor de Jesús

 He is captured in an invasion of Gligar, being led by this Gliscor. Later in the EP550 uses to fight the Gligar Ash, which Gliscor wins. He is with his brother Reggie, since in EP600, Paul / Polo Ash fights with Electabuzz, Magmortar, Ursaring, Torterra, Honchkrow and Weavile.


EP657 Electivire de Jesús
Elekid the first Pokémon was shown by Paul / Polo. It has a personality similar to yours. Electabuzz evolves in the EP521. In the Sinnoh league is already evolved into Electivire. Also due to Gliscor Ash and Ash's Pikachu.


EP655 Aggron de Jesús
It is not known when he was captured. Its appearance in EP597 ago, during the Battle of Paul / Polo vs. Brandon / Valente. The EP655 is shown that has evolved in Aggron. Fight against Ash's Pikachu and is defeated by Ash's Infernape. .

[6] Azumarill

It is unknown how Paul / Polo earned his Azumarill, however, Paul / Polo made use of it in his battle Gym Leader Pyrite Town, Roark / Roco. In his battle against Roark / Roco, Azumarill loses to Geodude. After the match (in which Paul / Polo successfully wins thanks to Elekid and very minor part Chimchar), Paul / Polo gave his Azumarill a child.

[8] Noctowl

In the EP156 Ash captures in a forest, seeing that it was it was a very smart Noctowl. It is a variocolor Pokémon.

[10] Porygon

Porygon is a Pokémon that Professor Akihabara lends Ash, Brock and Misty to fight against Team / Team Rocket in the EP038.

[12] Hippopotas
[13]  Ash met him several times during his journey through Sinnoh. The first time found him and saved him from a cliff. The second time, Ash took him to his father Hippowdon.

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