Jasper: Journey to the End of the World
Jasper journey to the end of the world ver2

Release Date:

2008 in Others Countries or 13 August 2009 (Germany)


Eckart Fingberg, Kay Delventhal


John Chambers, Eckart Fingberg, 2 more credits »


Malte Arkona, Maresa Sedlmeier, Christoph Maria Herbst

Jasper: Journey to the End of the World Between the icy South Pole and a colourful sea-port, plays the adventure of the penguin brothers Jasper and Junior, who, with the help of 9 year old Emma retrieve the eggs of a threatened parrot species from the evil Dr. Block.


Cast and CrewEdit

Malte Arkona ... Jasper (voice)
Maresa Sedlmeier ... Emma (voice)
Christoph Maria Herbst ... Dr. Block (voice)
Torsten Lennie Münchow ... Rolf (voice)
Christine Leyser ... Diva (voice)
Manou Lubowski ... Jaspers Vater (voice)
Katrin Fröhlich ... Jaspers Mutter (voice)
Manfred Trilling ... Pinguin #1 (voice)
Gerhard Jilka ... Pinguin #2 / Passagier Herbert (voice)
Marion Hartmann ... Herberts Frau (voice)

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